While symptoms of energetic and physical misalignment may present as individual, they are all interconnected. Your well being is broken down into 3 key parts: Mind, Body, and Spirit. Where do you want to start first?

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Arthur Fantastic


Arthur the unicorn feels like an outsider in the meadow where the horses see only his difference and not his magnificence. Sometimes Arthur is so lonely he wishes he were ordinary instead of special. There is only one thing for him to do – leave the meadow and go in search of ‘happy’. 

Arthur’s quest takes him deep into The Magic Forest where he encounters magical characters and makes new friends who each give him a special gift as he follows his dream. Will Genie Gems and her Sword of Truth help Arthur Fantastic combine the essence of the coloured ribbons to uncover their true meaning? A delightful tale full of magic, wonder and whimsy from Sarah, Duchess of York, and Dr. Olivia Audrey.

What's inside:

  • Detox Food List
  • Supplement Suggestions
  • Detox Schedule
  • Healing Mantras


  • Trouble Losing Weight
  • Sleep Issues
  • Digestive stress
  • Bloating
  • Skin Conditions
  • Recent Viral Infection
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Less Energy than usual
  • Joint Tenderness/Stiffness
  • Immune Health


If you are experiencing any of these, as well as many others, the problem may be your body is operating at a TOXIC LEVEL.

TOXIC STRESS can effect everything from our weight to our immune system function- making it more difficult to fight off viruses and bacteria. And over time, the toxicity levels GET BIGGER.

Throughout our lives, we experience exposure to many illnesses, viral and environmental. Even though we recover, our bodies may never full detox from the attack in the way they should. This leaves debris and toxicity throughout our body and heavily in our liver.

The liver is the most crucial organ in helping our bodies detox and recover, but most of us don’t give our liver or our body the chance to fully reset and heal.

The Viral Cleanse is designed to do just that- Help your body
eliminate toxins while healing and regenerating from the inside out .

With a detailed schedule and recommended food list, it takes the guess work out of how to detox your liver and rebuild your body like never before.


These are just a few of the reactions of people just like you who have embarked on their soul journey through this course:
“I have never been able to really understand what my mom, who passed was trying to tell me. I felt I was receiving messages but never knew what it was. Within a week of starting this class, my mom came to me in a dream ( first time ever) and told me the message I had been waiting to hear” – Nicole, London, UK
“I used to suffer from extreme anxiety. I could barely go into a mall or a restaurant without being overwhelmed and anxious. Through this course, Olivia taught me that I am empathic and absorb the energy of others. I can now control the energy I take on, and using these tools my anxiety has almost gone away completely” – Anna, Los Angeles, CA
“I have tried lots of spiritual courses, and they all felt the same. Outside of teaching how to meditate, I felt I needed more. I am so grateful I found this course, and Olivia. She teaches specific techniques that helped me find my individual gifts. I tell everyone I meet to take this course, you’ll thank me later.” – Barbara, Ontario, Canada
Join people just like these who decided to start connecting the dots in their own life and communicate with the spirit!


We all have an intuition, whether we choose to listen to it or not. Our intuition can be our strongest guide and indicator that a place, situation or person isn’t aligned with our purpose, or even safe. It can also lead us to the most joyful, abundant experiences the universe has in store for us.

And it all depends on one thing: Our ability to hear and understand the
information that is given.

So how do we do that?

Since the age of three I have been connecting with spirit to bring messages and insight to people from around the world. Through extensive training and travel to the earths most sacred locations in order to understand my own intuition, I have found one common thread.

No one experiences intuition the same way.

The way you understand and receive guidance may differ greatly from others, leading you to believe you’re not intuitive. That’s simply not true.

In this 30 day learn at your own pace course, I help you identify not only the type of intuition you are receiving, but how to understand it and create a stronger connection.

You will learn to:

  • Connect with your Guides and Angels
  • Remove blocks and Negative energy
  • Understand guidance from the Universe
  • Protect your energy from toxic people & situations
  • Receive visitations during sleep and dream state
  • Interpret signs and messages
  • Read a persons energy and intentions
And so much more!!


Finally RELEASE the heavy baggage of the past and step into the new year more aligned than ever!

In this 30 day learn at your own pace course, you’ll learn:

  • Energetic Cord Cutting to release the hold of toxic energy on your life
  • Space Clearing for home & Office
  • Protecting your energy 
  • Identifying your Physical energy centers
And so much more!!



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