Somatic Healing Technique is a fundamental pillar of healing and energy work.


This method of integrative therapy  aims to release how a physical body holds on to stress, tension, and trauma, rather than only resolving problems verbally.


In this Collective Experience you will:

  • Learn the Various Points of Trauma, and how we display them in the body.
  • Connect to your Body’s Pain Map, to heal and release trauma and old cycles.
  • For every level of healer, from novice to guru, this program will take you through  navigating the pathways of awareness to identify and release stored cellular and emotional debris. 
  • Use Somatic Healing Method to enhance your healing journey, or incorporate it into your existing practice.
  • Receive Direct, 1-1 training and guidance and live video instruction
  • Become part of this immersive experience, and learn this deeply integrative energy healing method.


In numerology, the number 5 is a powerful catalyst for CHANGE and disruption of old, stuck cycles and energy. It is heralded as the jumping off point into the next chapter of our lives. 


Honoring the divine number, this collective healing experience will be 5 weeks long, with a class registration fee of just 555. ( 2,325.00 value)


Join me on this healing journey as we step into the Autumn season, and sow seeds of healing and change.


We will be meeting every Wednesday at 7pm Eastern for 5 weeks, starting on September 1st.